About TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne

TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne is the Danish mechanical and electrical contractors association

TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne is a trade and employers' organisation representing 4.100 mechanical and electrical contractors in the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and metals industries - approximately 1.700 electrical contractors and 1.100 plumbing, heating and ventilation contractors.

In addition to the 2.800 contractors working with electricity, plumbing and ventilation, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne also represent almost 1.300 companies that work with steel constructions for the building industry, machines, metal works, or as subcontractors for industry companies.

TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne's prime aim is to secure the best possible corporate conditions for the mechanical and electrical industries and provide top membership services.

TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne is the largest trade and employers organisation in Denmark for technical installations.

Members range from small private companies to businesses with over 2,000 employees. Their total turnover is over 60 billion DKK a year with 55,000 employees, 95 % of whom are skilled – an unusually high percentage from an industry point of view.

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Anne Mette Høiler

Anne Mette Høiler



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TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne er en organisation med klart fokus på teknik-og installationsbranchen samt industri. Som medlem får du en lang række fordele, der er tilpasset netop dine behov.